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Top 3 Office Time Wasters [INFOGRAPHIC]

It never fails: you get to work in the morning with a list of things you want to accomplish, but by the time your colleagues are packing up and heading home you’ve barely made a dent in it. Where does all the time go? According to Atlassian’s new infographic, most of the blame can be attributed to three common culprits:


  • The average employee checks their e-mail 36 times per hour.
  • It takes 16 minutes to refocus after handling incoming e-mail
  • 10 IQ points are lost when fielding constant e-mail, which is the same as missing an entire night’s sleep


  • Employees attend an average of 63 meetings every month
  • Half of these meetings are considered a waste of time
  • The salary cost of unnecessary meetings for U.S. businesses is $37 billion cash money dollars


  • The average employee experiences 56 interruptions per day
  • 80% of these interruptions are considered trivial
  • Employees spend an average of two hours per day recovering from distractions
All in all, that’s 60% or less of work time that’s actually spent productively. Wow. Check it out in infographic form below (click to view full size, or head over to Atlassian’s post for additional info).