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Mindjet User Spotlight: Don Dalrymple

Name: Don Dalrymple
Title/Company: President, AscendWorks, LLC
Started using Mindjet: 2006Social Media Links: Google+,

How did you hear about Mindjet? I had been using mind mapping programs in my business consulting and marketing work with customers. However, they were less elegant in their design and flow. I found Mindjet online back in 2006 and have not looked back. It is the core tool I use for doing business with clients.

What do you primarily use it for? I have hundreds of mind maps over the years and use it primarily with my business clients. It is a selling tool to help bridge the communication gap and bring clarity around the problem a person is feeling but needs to be able to express and feel heard. We have one visual and real-time map to work from.

I also use it to brainstorm new ideas and strategies for growing a person’s business or developing a marketing strategy via our AscendWorks marketing services. We ensure we capture business requirements and translate these into actionable desirables in our project management process.

What is your favorite feature and why? My favorite feature is using the boundaries and relationship arrows. This helps to segment and connect concepts within a map that are critical. I love moving the relationships of a map around. I mind map in real-time as a conversation is going and the responsiveness and ease of manipulating the concepts on the map create a high trust experience with someone who is stunned at the ability to get clarity so quickly.

Is there anything Mindjet helps with that was unexpected? I was surprised to see how capturing ideas and marking tasks in a mindmap become part of an actionable task list. This is great for moving to the next step for a team in a concrete way.

Tell me about the map you’ve attached here. I build or use a map to explain what we do at AscendWorks, our marketing firm in Austin, TX. We work online with customers across the world and inevitably, we have to explain our approach and how we help with branding, inbound marketing and outbound marketing. It’s easier to explain visually and how it all works together based on the specific industry a prospective client is seeking to serve.

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Don Dalrymple is co-founder and President of AscendWorks, LLC, a marketing firm that implements custom systems and processes for generating leads as well as nurturing them. Don also writes regularly on business topics such as leadership, productivity, marketing and entrepreneurship. You can check out his articles on his personal site

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