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Mindjet User Spotlight: Nicolas Stampf

Name: Nicolas Stampf
Title: Transversal Improvements in IT Operations
Started using Mindjet: 2006Social Media Links: Twitter,,

How did you hear about Mindjet?: What started me on mind mapping was Getting Things Done (GTD), the personal productivity method of David Allen. He encourages people to use mapping techniques to work on projects in order to organize ideas. Now it seems I’ve been using mind mapping for all my life. I don’t think I could work without it. Although I’ve tried other tools, Mindjet is my preferred choice for its ease of use and visual appeal.

As I started using the tool more often, people began wondering what these “drawings” were and how they too could create them. So I made a map about mind mapping which also presented the basic functionalities of Mindjet. I then used the map in Presentation mode. In two hours, I convinced all attendees and they requested the package to be installed on their workstation.

What is your favorite feature? Apart from the very useful User Interface, I would nominate the filtering possibilities, which I used for project management maps that showed which actions weren’t yet doable and which were. I also like the multiple possibilities to zoom on some parts of a map.

Is there anything the tool helps with that was unexpected? I really like the Presentation mode. I understood, by using it, that it was the best way to present a mind map to someone without them freaking out. It allows for a gentle introduction to mind mapping without an overwhelming amount of information.

Tell me about the map you’ve attached here. This mind map is one I did for myself some years ago. It’s about how to implement the GTD productivity method. I think this map is generic enough to be accessible for anyone and could serve as a memory jogger. It lists what materials are needed before starting GTD implementation, and what needs to be done, in sequence, to create one’s own GTD system (by order I mean the standard reading sequence of a mind map: clockwise starting at the top!).

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Nicolas Stampf describes himself as a positive change agent, and coaches others to be the same. You can check out a more detailed profile — and several more of his maps — over at

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