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Mindjet User Spotlight: Diana Zee

Name: Diana Zee
Title: Consultant
Started using Mindjet: 2005Social links: LinkedIn

How did you hear about Mindjet?

Many years ago I came across Tony Buzan’s mind mapping theory when a friend and I set up a self-help group to help dyslexic school children. But my lightning bolt moment with Mindjet came in 2005. A Sunday Times supplement featuring Mindjet was my first encounter with the software. In fact, I still have the original article. The next day I signed up for the free trial and haven’t looked back since! Little did I know the impact this discovery would have. Mindjet had moved the paper and coloured pencil concept into a new dimension and I could see its potential uses immediately. Since I discovered it has had a huge influence on the way I work, think and manage my personal life.

What do you primarily use it for?

Mindjet is in use whenever I’m in front of my computer, be it for work or personal life. A good example of when I used it on a large scale was for NHS Grampian. The NHS is under constant pressure to improve the patient’s journey while finding innovative ways for managing the resources.

As part of an efficiency drive there, my team and I were tasked with planning the service redesign and supporting various departments through the process, while at the same time keeping disruption to a minimum. It was very complex and Mindjet was the key tool we used to manage it throughout. It meant I had a clear overview of progress and development of all parts of the process at any given time and meant every group kept on track with their service improvements.

By the time the new Dental School and Hospital was commissioned, Mindjet had added even more functionality, which was invaluable for me as a project manager. It allowed me to track progress, store information and documents, purchase equipment – everything from dental chairs to entire IT systems – and manage the movement and accommodation of both staff and students.

Sharing up-to-date information on progress with a diverse group of stakeholders in a clear and concise way was essential to keep the project on course. It had the result that we came in on time and under budget, no mean feat for a project of this size!

What is your favorite feature? 

It goes without saying that the core visualisation aspects of the technology are fantastic, but I find it’s the connectivity features that make the software even more powerful. Having access to maps from anywhere, being able to link diaries and documents with third parties and share information with others for both work and leisure through a single portal is brilliant.

Is there anything the tool helps with that was unexpected? 

Although I primarily use Mindjet for work, my maps also keep my household responsibilities in order. For example, I use a master map which covers everything from utilities to insurance (house/car/travel/etc.) and all key contacts including my plumber and electrician. I can attach invoices, bills, correspondence and all related information and can even set-up alerts to remind me when my bills are due. Mindjet has taken the boring task of staying on top of my household chores more bearable and saves me a lot of time trying to find things!

Tell us about the map you’ve attached here.

This summer I decided to try something new and exciting– a sailing holiday in Holland! There was a lot to organise since I was going to be travelling to lots of different places, had to book a number of hotels and figure out the best routes, amongst many other things. To keep on top of my research, I collected all information in Mindjet. This meant I had all my travel plans organised and stored in one place and was able to access it wherever I was throughout my journey. I enjoyed it so much I may soon do it again!

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