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Mindjet User Spotlight: Tyrrel Walker

Name: Tyrrel Walker
Title: Founder, National School of Creative Arts and Entertainment
Started using Mindjet: 2011

Social links: Twitter, Facebook,, NSCAE

How did you hear about Mindjet?

I learned the power of using mind maps a long time ago. I originally found Mindjet while browsing the Android Marketplace (now Google Play Store) looking for a quick way to create mind maps. At the time, I was using a very cumbersome desktop program to create mind maps. I desperately needed something that I could use wherever I was, whenever inspiration hit me. Once I found Mindjet, I never looked back!

What do you primarily use it for?

I use it as a starting point for almost anything and everything I’m thinking. My business is all about creativity. I share my maps with my top executives to show them how their piece fits in the overall puzzle. I use it as a model to show them an example of my creative process. That way they can use it in their particular areas, too. In turn, every idea that is presented to me by my staff HAS to have a mind map attached. I want to see their creative process from start to finish. I get a better understanding of what’s really behind their idea.

What is your favorite feature? 

I absolutely LOVE the fact that it’s an app. It allows me to map on the go. LOVE IT! The feature that I like the most is the ability to “share” my map with my team. I normally share by emailing my most current map as a JPG attachment.

Is there anything the tool helps with that was unexpected? 

Mindjet fits right into my creative flow. While collaborating with my team, I can plug my tablet into the projector using an HDMI cable, display the mind map on screen in real-time as we develop it, then export the finished map as a PDF and email it to the team before we leave the session. Mindjet is only limited by your imagination!

Tell us about the map you’ve attached here.

This map is the actual map we used when creating the National School for Creative Arts and Entertainment. This particular map is the result of our collaborative efforts to develop our company services. My maps are usually simple, down and dirty, and straight to the point. Colors and fancy shapes are used only when I have to present a map to an audience.

[Click for full size image]

Tyrrel describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur” and enjoys developing leaders and inspiring people to reach their full potential. The National School of Creative Arts and Entertainment teaches the skills needed to have a successful career in the entertainment industry. NSCAE also provides access and exposure to paid opportunities within the entertainment industry.


Here at Mindjet, we know the value of sharing ideas. It’s just like philosopher Michel de Montaigne said way back in the 1500s: “It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others.” The Mindjet User Spotlight series aims to help that little endeavor along by bringing your stories and experiences with Mindjet to the forefront. If you’ve got one to share, don’t be shy! Give us a shout.

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