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Connecting the Dots Behind Work Inspired

In business, as the pace of change accelerates and complexity intensifies, getting better results doesn’t mean working harder. It means working smarter. Work is no longer bounded by proximity or time zone. By skillset or device. The way to fuel growth is toremove the shackles of old methods and tools, and find a new approach to getting things done. A more dynamic, agile and connected approach.

How we work now is different. And as we’ve recently announced, Mindjet is evolving to meet the needs of today’s workforce.

This includes our brand. But the “Mindjet Brand,” is bigger than just our logo. The Mindjet brand resonates through everything we do — from our products to our services to our website to our marketing to our event materials. It’s everything — but it begins with the people who work here.

Building a great brand starts at home. We have over 300 voices, located all over the globe, who are our best brand ambassadors. They are our employees. At Mindjet, we want to inspire and provoke them to think in innovative ways about our products, our customers, our business — our brand.

As part of this effort we have transformed our corporate offices to be a visual reminder of why we are so passionate about what we do. We’ve created images that demonstrate what can happen when great ideas and great execution come together. These images are a mosaic of both famous and unexpected collaborations throughout history. On the production line, at the space station, on the underground railroad or in the recording studio — they are engaging, insightful, interesting and provocative examples of what happens when we work together to bring big ideas to life.

It’s what we aspire to: when great collaboration meets great execution. And it’s what we aim to deliver to our customers.

Mindjet. Work Inspired.

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