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Modern-Day Productivity Secrets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Feeling overworked is something most of us can relate to these days. In fact, recent research conducted by Wrike revealed that a whopping 87% of respondents admit they overwork, hampering much productivity (though more than a third of them say they don’t feel overwhelmed). Such is life in today’s data-driven world, ey?

As information overload continues on its merry/wild/earth-shattering way, so grows the importance of unlocking new keys to productivity and efficiency. Wrike created the infographic below (published by Mashable) to help the cause. A few key points:

• 64% of respondents feel most productive between the hours of 8 and 12 am
• 10.9% feel most productive between the hours of 4 and 8 pm
• 54.6% of respondents feel deadlines mobilize the best skills
• 76.8% feel a sense of responsibility kicks their rate of productivity up a notch
• Being in a good mood came in second (56.9%) for turbocharging productivity

It’s not brain surgery–the little things (vs. ostentatious perks or eventual rewards) really do make a big difference. If you’re a project manager, try putting a strict midday deadline on the more important projects and make sure work tapers off through the second half. If people are coming into the office knowing they’ve got important stuff to do immediately, that would increase their sense of responsibility during their most productive hours. And if they aren’t going home with a workload to finish before their head hits the pillow, they’re more likely to come into work the next day in a good mood.

Check the infographic below for more handy facts:

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