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Our “Work Inspired” Manifesto

Leading up to Mindjet’s launch in September, our team became so immersed in our work that we literally painted the walls to capture the energy of the moment — and remind us why we come to work each day. And now, every morning, we have our own words to inspire us: work should be challenging, rewarding and fun.

love your work

With the launch of a new year, we think it’s fitting to take that draft a step further. How can we work inspired to ensure that every hour of our work week is better than the last?

We believe that…

1. The workplace can be a fun place.

We may have friends who hate their jobs, but we don’t. Our work is a place that inspires and motivates us. It’s a place where we push ourselves and make things happen. And we’re always looking for ways to improve our quality of life in the office. If we’re going to spend 40 hours per week here, it better be awesome.

2. Digital won’t hold us down.

Let’s be honest: we’re all slaves to email. And sometimes our eyes hurt after staring at screens all day. But in 2013, we can use technology more to our advantage. We’re not going to let it bury us. We’re going to climb to the top and fly our flag proudly. Take that, inbox.

3. The best inspiration comes from doing.

We’re stepping away from our computer, out of our comfort zones, and into the real world. There are millions of inspirational things happening every day. Instead of reading about them, we want to do them. Experiences make life a little sweeter. And we like sweet.

4. Creativity can come on demand.

Sometimes pressure inspires creativity. Sometimes inspiration comes from the least likely places. We’re going to exercise our creative muscles to perform on demand. After all, half the battle is just getting started. Then, we’ll just let the ideas flow.

5. Random can be alright.

Put the right people in the right place at the right time and magical things can happen. Put random people in a weird place at an unconventional time and sparks can fly too. Workplace collaboration doesn’t have to be so streamlined. Sometimes fresh blood and a new approach is just what you need. Outdated processes lead to outdated ideas – exactly what you’re not looking for.

6. In-person is more in touch.

While we sell and market collaboration software we also recognize that face-to-face gets results.  So how about this? No more sending emails to the guy sitting next to you or calling the person down the hall. Get up. Get out of your chair. There’s nothing like stepping away from the screen. Your body and mind need a little breathing room and a little exercise to stay refreshed. Find the balance.

7. Creativity can fuel us more than caffeine.

We want inspiration to get us through our afternoon slump instead of coffee. We want to fuel our minds with amazing thoughts, ideas, and dreams that inspire us to do amazing work, and maybe even motivate us to get out of bed tomorrow with a bigger bounce in our step. Imagine that.

8. Change is good.

Whether it’s a change of scenery, a change of paint color, or a change of pace, it can be just what the doctor ordered. When the scenery gets stale so do the ideas. Investing in change is an investment in your future – so break out of the box and mix it up. You’ll thank us later.

9. Flexibility can be liberating.

If we scheduled every hour of every day, nothing would be spontaneous. Spontaneity feeds creativity, kills boredom, and might even lead to—gasp!—a slightly happier day. So let’s all leave at least a half hour of every day to see where our minds take us. What would you do with an extra 30 minutes?

10. There are no rules.

This manifesto will push us toward a more inspired workplace, but we’re going to follow our gut along the way. We wrote these commands. We’ll share these commandments. But then we’ll modify, elaborate, and alter them to make 2013 the best year yet.

That’s our take, our motivation for ourselves, and we hope it resonates beyond the walls of our headquarters. But the real question is: how will you work inspired?

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