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The Mindjet Web App R6 Update is Live!

The latest version of the Mindjet web app is live and available for you to use today.  The R6 release of the Mindjet web app has some great new features, including:

File Thumbnails – Have you ever wished you could get a quick look at a file stored in the Mindjet web app before you download it?  Now you can!  The Thumbnail image shows in the right hand pane of the web app interface.  Supported file types include Mindjet maps, Microsoft Office applications, Adobe PDF files, images and text files.


File Previews – Even better than a thumbnail, what if you want to review a file without editing it, all in your browser?  File previews allows you to dive in and find that particular piece of information you were looking for without having to download the file from the web app.   Supported file types include Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Adobe Postscript, Image, Text, and popular Video and Music file formats.


Filters – As the number of files you store in your Mindjet web app account increases, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of everything.  The new Filter button allows you to choose what types of files are shown in your view of a selected folder.  You can select and filter on both favorite files, files checked out to you, or specific file types.


If you don’t already have a Mindjet web account, go and sign up for a trial today!

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