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SocBiz Breakdown: Altimeter’s Report on the Six Stages of Social Business Transformation

Agile business is about a lot of things — adaptability, disruptions, dealing with failure, standing meetings. One major decision companies are facing is the idea of becoming a truly social business versus a business that simply implements a social strategy. The key difference is whether or not efforts in social media translate into real benefits and growth, but it also depends on how well those strategies align with overarching goals, and if the resources to support those tactics exist across teams.

Research and advisory providers Altimeter Group recently released their report on social business transformation and maturity. Some highlights:

  • The six stages of accomplishing effective social business
  • Challenges for businesses whose strategy and outcomes don’t match up
  • The role of different teams in social media strategy
  • 2012 Personnel and social media budgets by company, broken down by revenue
  • The elements of effective social strategy
  • The five components of social business governance
  • Success factors, sample roadmaps, and more.

You’ll also find plenty of statistics and suggestions to get your company on track to employing a powerful social strategy that fundamentally affects business outcomes.

Check out the full report here.

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