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Ten Mind Mapping Stories from Ten Mindjet Users

Our Mindjet User Spotlight series has grown considerably since its kickoff in August of 2012, featuring detailed mind mapping stories from individuals of various business backgrounds. What started as a simple way to share the Mindjet experience has turned into a wealth of valuable information for fellow mappers, as well as those exploring different ways to enhance their current work flows. And it’s been such a pleasure for us, too, to see concrete evidence of how integrating visual processes boosts  business productivity.

A big thank you to all those who’ve participated thus far. You’re amazing team players and you continue to inspire.

To celebrate the success of the series we hand selected ten different spotlights and plugged them into the handy PDF below. Flip through it and you’ll find examples of how mind mapping can help organize everything from film making to project management to the communication gap between sellers and customers.

As the information deluge of today rears its ugly and increasingly expanding head, the importance of compressing data into easily digestible presentations will become more apparent. Mindjet’s software in particular serves this need by guiding the jumbled nature of brainstorms into clearly outlined options which can then be synthesized into sharable project plans.

If you’re looking for a better way to work, try out our software free for thirty days here. Or! If you’re already a mapping aficionado and would like to share your story with the masses, contact us at We’re always looking for new stories to tell.

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