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Mindjet User Spotlight Video: Ekso Bionics

Ekso Bionics is committed to helping people rethink their physical limitations through technology, and it’s more than an honor to know that Mindjet has been a part of that process. Championed by Ekso’s Karl Gudmundsson, VP of Marketing, the incorporation of our software has answered the need for more than a document repository–mind mapping has brought potential issues to light as well as provide an execution path.

Ekso specifically needed help from hospitals to conduct research that would prove the positive medical benefits of their Ektoskeleton for home use, so Gudmundsson created a map as a springboard for building up a study in Europe. The map helped to organize thoughts as well as explain the research and end goal to  doctors, fellow researchers, and in-house clinical directors. In the end it became a complete discussion guide for gauging how well the company’s work and research agenda would align with each hospital. The more aligned, the likelier they were to partner with Ekso.

Check out the story in the video below, where you’ll see Gudmundsson’s team and Mindjet’s software together in action.

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