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Mindjet for Web Now Connects to Your Favorite Cloud Storage Services

Today’s project teams include team members from across an organization – and from outside the company as well. Often, external vendors bring along their own favorite service for uploading and sharing files with the rest of the team. Services like Box or Google Drive or Dropbox are great in helping bridge that gap between internal and external team members. But, when everyone is using a different cloud service, you spend a lot of time trying to track down the right version of the right file in the right cloud.

Mindjet now integrates with the top cloud storage services so you can centralize all of your project files into one place your entire team can access. Now, in addition to uploading files from your desktop or laptop to Mindjet’s file system, you can bring in files from the cloud tools your team uses every day.

Here’s how:

  • From the Mindjet for Web interface, click on Maps, then Files and navigate to where you want to upload your files.
  • Click Upload. A pop-up opens asking where the files you’d like to upload are located.
  • If you’d like to upload files from your computer, click on My Computer, select the files you’d like to upload. You can also simply drag and drop the files where it says ‘Drag files here.’ To select multiple files: Windows users, click + Ctrl. Mac users, use click + Command.
  • If you’d like to bring a file in from your favorite cloud storage service, select it from the list on the left.
  • You’ll then be prompted to authorize Mindjet to connect to your cloud service.
  • The files and folders in your cloud service are displayed. Navigate to the files you’d like to bring into Mindjet.
  • Select the files and click Upload. The files you selected are now uploaded from the cloud into Mindjet.
  • This integration works for Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Microsoft’s Skydrive and Google Drive. You can also link directly to a resource online with a hyperlink, connect through a WebDAV account or go super old-school with FTP.


If you’d like to remove the the link between Mindjet and your cloud service, click Upload and hover over the service you’d like to remove. You’ll see a red X button to deauthorize Mindjet from authorizing your files.

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