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Mindjet User Spotlight: Marco Gruber


Name: Marco Gruber
Title: Partner/Owner, Gruber Partner AG
Started using Mindjet: 2007
Social links:, LinkedIn   

How did you hear about Mindjet?

In a strategy seminar with the board of Gruber Partner in September 2007 we used the (analog) mind mapping technique. This is how it looked back then:


After the meeting, I was looking for a tool which allowed me to visualize what we had found out before. After some research on the internet, I found MindManager 7 – and ever since I’ve been a loyal follower to Mindjet. To me, it’s by far the best visualization tool on the market. Period.

This is how the same map looked in 2008 (with MindManager 7):


And this is how TRENDFINDER® has been looking since 2012:


What is your favorite feature and why?

Visualization. One of the key findings in that strategy seminar of 2007 was to transform our competence in methodologies into beautifully designed leadership-tools that are super easy to use. And this is how we started creating a phenomenal best-practice portfolio. All of the artwork was done by one of the best communication agencies in Switzerland, FelderVogel in Lucerne ( And the results of this cooperation are stunning: Our customers just love what they get because our products and methodologies enable them to make a giant leap forward in mastering the future. All of our products are based on Mindjet, all of them come with a stunning design language. They cover strategic enterprise development as well as RiskManagement.

Is there anything the tool helps with that was unexpected?

It’s amazing how you can reduce complexity with Mindjet – and still elaborate a very clear picture of a company’s state by integrating all the relevant pieces of information.

How does Mindjet help with the collaborative process specifically?

I very much appreciate the ongoing development of Mindjet with respect to project management features. We can use them very well once it comes to execute the decisions made. Unfortunately, due to relying heavily on graphics our products don’t work (yet) with the web-based version of Mindjet.

Tell us about your map.

This map contains my cv – and it really fits on one single page.


[Click for full sized image]


Gruber Partner is one of the leading small auditing and advisory companies in Switzerland. Founded in 1967, it focuses on SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Public Authorities, Pension Funds and NPOs.

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