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Mindjet Makes Forrester’s Document Collaboration Landscape Shortlist

The importance of cloud-based document collaboration tools is rapidly increasing, but content strategies remain vastly different from company to company. In order to help you select the right solution for your business, Forrester’s Rob Koplowitz released the Document Collaboration Vendor Landscape report. Each vendor mentioned provides a different combination of functionalities, and we at Mindjet are more than thrilled to have been included in this shortlist.

Document Collaboration = Power to the People

Once housed in file servers, content is now core to business processes and must therefore be front and center. Along with this new position comes a heightened need for content management, better security, increased findability, accessibility, compliance, etc. It’s a lot of work and a lot of change, but despite these major (and often difficult) shifts, companies are still recognizing and rising to the challenge.

“Investment in content and document management represents a significant portion of overall IT spend and is expected to grow in 2013,” reads the report. “This is consistent with Forrester’s conclusions that investment in technology solutions that support and empower knowledge workers remains a priority for organizations looking to better leverage their most expensive and valuable resources: their people.”

Mindjet’s Multiple Hats

The report’s findings are based on survey results from 3,000+ IT executives and technology decision-makers around the world. Mindjet was specifically called out for its potential ability to play several roles within a company’s document collaboration strategy, beginning with visual brainstorming in the cloud. The strength of both our SharePoint integration and our Web platform was also highlighted, along with the obvious strengths of tying document collaboration directly to our task management solution.

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