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Mindjet Perspectives: Cultivating Innovation for Smarter Business

From our Chief Marketing Officer, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff:

It seems like everywhere you look, there’s yet another article covering the perks and perils of innovation. It’s been written about in publications from the New York Times to the Huffington Post, making it seem like the next big thing is the only thing on the mind of most companies. All this attention is well-deserved — innovation isn’t just a core business concept; it’s a race for competitive advantage. The pace of production has turned the rush to market from a marathon to a 15-yard dash, and of course, this is not without its drawbacks.

Innovation is closely tied to disruption, full-value thinking, and agile business strategy. Agile is an attempt to bring process back in balance and restore the priority of innovation to our work, and companies that do this well know that the best way to facilitate innovation is to remain steady to the agile process. Agile naturally supports ingenuity through the practice of short sprints, where testing, learning and iteration — with a relatively quick turnaround — are so key.

In Mindjet Perspectives: Cultivating Innovation for Smarter Business, we present our collective take on the overall subject. Check out the SlideShare below to learn why disruption can save your business; why companies sometimes fail to innovate; tips, tricks, traps and pitfalls; and in the end, how you can inspire innovation and give your business the power to thrive.

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