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Mindjet Perspectives: Making Agile Work for Marketing

In our fearless CMO’s own words:

In a world that’s moving at a faster pace than ever, businesses everywhere are attempting to keep up by adjusting their processes in most every department. As a result, getting work done today is less about long-term project planning and more about short bursts of hyper-focused productivity.

Think of it like running a mile vs. running a mile on a treadmill in intervals of varying intensity. The calorie loss might be the same in the end, but periodically raising the resistance is what’s going to make you stronger.

When it comes to marketing departments, the new framework is looser. It’s more alert. It’s agile.

In Mindjet Perspectives: Making Agile Work for Marketing, we present our thoughts on the Agile movement as well as tips for effectively adopting it into your own organization. Check out the SlideShare below for a rundown on what agile actually is, the importance of starting with culture and some common mistakes to avoid:

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