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Work Inspired: EDC Eases SharePoint Woes with Mindjet

Like many large companies, Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), a global nonprofit, is hugely committed to using SharePoint. And like many large companies committed to using SharePoint, EDC has experienced certain pain points with the Microsoft platform.

“SharePoint’s really good at setting up permissions and on-boarding and off-boarding staff, but it’s been a real problem with its complexity–especially for field workers outside the office [who] have to open up custom folders or, frankly, for us to have to do fairly customized interfaces to make it easy to navigate…any one SharePoint site,” said EDC’s VP Chief Technology Officer, Bob Spielvogel.

In the video below, Spielvogel provides a peek into his approach to easing those processes with the Mindjet integration. He essentially creates a map of resources for each project, allowing team members to quickly locate what they need by using a mind map as a front-end interface back into the SharePoint repository.

“The benefit of the Mindjet interface–having a map into that–is you can quickly find what you need [and] get to the document without having to go through layers of folders,” he added. “Mindjet sort of makes up for some of the hard spots that we’ve found with SharePoint.”

Check it out:

Are you using a SharePoint/Mindjet combo in your own business? Tell us about it–which gaps it’s filled, etc.–in the comments below.

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