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Mindjet User Spotlight: Andreas Lercher


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Name: Ing. Andreas Lercher  
Title: Lerchertrain® – Mag. Lercher & Partner  
Started using Mindjet: 2002  
Social links: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn  

How did you hear about Mindjet?

In 2002 I met Maria Beyer. She learned Mind-Mapping from Tony Buzan and still is “Mrs. Mind-Mapping” in Germany. Maria had also a connection to Mindjet. At this time Maria started an exclusive Mind-Mapping education [program] for Trainers and Teachers and I was her first pupil. From this time on I never stopped using MindManager.

What do you primarily use it for? 

To organize my business and my private life. I do everything with Mindjet. It starts with collecting my ideas during the day, goes on as the main tool in our meetings and it ends with spreading all the tasks to my team. And privately? All our family holidays are organized in a single map. Even this post for your blog is written with MindManager.

What is your favorite feature and why? 

MindManager supports me with many helpful features like the Power-Filter, Index or the intelligent searching tool.

There are two Mindjet specialties I want to highlight. First is the platform’s independent file format. Everybody in my company works with Mindjet and we’re using different devices, like notebooks, tablets, smartphones and an MS SharePoint server. Our Mindjet files are stored and edited on all those devices. We don’t have to [worry], because it works perfectly. Second highlight: Mindjet Tasks. They changed our working lives. No more redundant emails. No more different file versions or missing task information. And I can access all my Mindjet Tasks through my smartphone or my tablet when I’m out of the office. Mindjet is the only tool I know that adapts to my working style and [that doesn’t force me] to stick to forms and databases.

Is there anything the tool helps with that was unexpected?

When I worked on my Mind-Mapping e-book and on my master thesis, I collected my ideas in a single Mindjet map. I tried the Word export and it was amazing. My map turned into a handbook, nearly finished. I had to do some formatting, and it was finished. Simply perfect.

Tell us about your map.

This project map was created during a business workshop. The main goal of the workshop was to develop a knowledge management strategy for a company. We mapped every session and created a huge Mindjet Map with all ideas, needs and goals. Then I rearranged branches, summarized topics, added tags, colors and icons and gave the map a new org-chart structure. This was the peak experience of the participants, because they realized the power of visualizing information. At the end of the day we had defined the project, [completed] the work breakdown structure, and all the tasks were assigned. They were impressed and this company is still our customer.

Mindjet Blog Example Project Plan_ALercher

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Our company is small and we have very short communication channels. So, we profit very much from the possibility of Mindjet for Web. We can work together, share ideas and plans, and make decisions wherever we are. Even our business partners and our clients profit from the way we work. They see the positive effect, and together with them, we develop very individual ways to use and work with Mindjet. Mindjet business training and consulting became our second source of income.

Want to contact Andreas? Message or call him at:

Ing. Andreas Lercher M.Ed.
CEO, Lerchertrain® – Mag. Lercher & Partner
Bundesstrasse 24
A-8740 Zeltweg
+43(0)3577 82528

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