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Gaining Dollars On Your Productivity – The Mindjet Productivity Calculator

When it comes to getting things done, many providers claim their tools will create time efficiencies, save you money, and ultimately be the answer to the productivity deficits in your business. But it’s not often that a company can actually quantify the gains in actual dollars, or hours, that result from using such solutions.

We’ve solved that problem with the launch of our new Productivity Gains Calculator, an online tool for estimating some of the numbers you’re most interested in. Enter the size of your company and some of your daily work habits, and the Productivity Gains Calculator will then provide you with an estimate of how much value and time you could gain in your company with the help of Mindjet’s tools.

Productivity Gains Calculator or not, the big question is: can using Mindjet really put these gains back into your pocket?

Whiteboards get erased, sticky notes lose context, and neither work well on a conference call. With Mindjet’s suite of products, across mobile devices, desktops, and the cloud, you can co-edit mind maps no matter where you are, and getting ideas organized is drag-and-drop easy. By recording ideas in the cloud, you can track the status of tasks, post updates, and share and read comments in threaded conversations. You can experience true collaboration with fewer meetings, phone calls or emails, enabling you to complete your projects faster, on time, and within budget.

Finally, Mindjet lets you visually organize your documents so the whole  team can access assets from anywhere, anytime. Attach documents to tasks or mind maps, and organize them in a visual library. Version control lets you rest easy, knowing that you’re only sharing the right stuff. Even better, easy-to-navigate security settings insure that you’re only sharing company information with the right people.

Click here to take a look at the calculator and reveal the true impact that Mindjet’s products can make on your team’s daily work routines.

Editor’s note: Don’t forget to select the correct language button to get the right results for your region. And by all means, let us know if we can help!

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