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Productivity Report: New Study on Cloud Office Productivity Software, 2010-2016

Cloud computing has no doubt revolutionized the way we all work, conduct business, share information, and grow our organizations. Advancements specifically in cloud productivity software have brought out substantial benefits in collaboration and innovation, with generous promises for the future.

WinterGreen Research, an independent market research organization whose goal is to provide unbiased analysis around trends, forecasts, and other data relevant to different markets, has just announced a new report covering the cloud office productivity software space. The report contains a wealth of information, including data on industry size, market share, growth, and strategy, not to mention more detailed info about the following:

  • Cloud computing description and market dynamics, with shout-outs to design, network effects, data driven computing, blogging, private cloud software and business benefits
  • Market shares and forecasts, including services like SharePoint and Google Apps, with drilled-down customer segmentation
  • Cloud technology news, industry spending trends, tips on leveraging the cloud for your business, and detailed descriptions of major company strategies, from Microsoft to Google, eBay and iTunes
  • An extensive list of company profiles and use cases

Check out the full table of contents or request a copy here.

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