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Mindjet Perspectives: Everyone’s a Project Manager

There once was a time when one simply fell into project management. There were projects, someone needed to manage them, and boom: eventually someone did. But corporate structure did as corporate structure does and funneled the role into an official title, outfitting it with all the usual business-y tenets and a certified career path.

Today that professionalism still exists, but recent trends in the workplace–particularly the push for cultures of collaboration and agility–are leading project management to a place more reminiscent of its origins. In other words, more and more organizations are finding that they require the bootstrap approach of those without the PM title to take the reins.

In this edition of Mindjet Perspectives, we present a collection of articles covering the changing environment of modern project management, as well as tips for avoiding its most common pain points:

1. Traditional vs. Agile Project Management

A quick overview of where project management has been and where it’s currently going.

2. Solutions to 5 Modern Project Management Pain Points

When untrained individuals are suddenly heading up projects, things can often get a little overwhelming. In this article you’ll learn how to resolve five of the most common pain points.

3. Why Visual Project Management Makes Sense

Communicating in a language everyone understands is particularly helpful when the unaccustomed are shouldering project management responsibilities. In this article, we explain why visual processes are a simple yet effective way to boosting communication as well as productivity.

Though every organization will certainly need to find its own winning combination for handling modern project management, we hope our thoughts on the matter will serve as a helpful foundation, as well as encourage you to start thinking differently about how to maximize your individual value as well as your team’s.

Check out the full presentation below, or visit the Mindjet SlideShare.

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