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Work/ Life (Im)balance: More Americans Working Through Their Vacation Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

As I sit here typing away in my mom’s Midwestern home, technically on vacation, the irony of this piece from Huffington Post  doesn’t at all fail to strike me. According to the article:

“U.S. workers are increasingly forgoing their earned vacation days, using two days less than they did last year, according to a recent Expedia survey. And even when employees do take time off, more than half stay plugged in, responding to work emails and checking in at the office during their vacation. But taking breaks shouldn’t be viewed as an optional luxury: Vacations have been linked to improved productivity and job performance, as well as increased well-being.”

Driving the point home about our collective work/ life imbalance is this nifty infographic from TeamViewer. The scariest part? Look at the language — Americans expect to perform work tasks on vacation. Where did we go wrong?

work life inforgraphic

What’s your plug-in/ disconnect strategy on vacations? Tell us about it in the comments.

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