NEW: MindManager 2018 for Windows – major release!

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Our Most Powerful Version of MindManager To Date

Here at Mindjet, we’ve built our reputation by providing flexible, intuitive ways to visually brainstorm concepts, organize information, develop actionable project plans, and communicate results — all with the overarching goal of helping our customers maximize their productivity. Our flagship product MindManager is a huge boon for those of us that want to get the most we can out of our time and projects; it’s made it easier to collaborate across teams, and simpler to integrate projects and task-management with information dashboards.

We could go on and on about how MindManager is an industry-leading desktop mapping solution, or crow a bit about the awards we’ve won, but what we don’t talk about enough is you – our dedicated, savvy, and innovative customers – who’ve helped us take an amazing mapping tool to the next level, time and time again. The new MindManager helps our customers more effectively organize, execute, and communicate their ideas and strategies. Simply put, it’s our most powerful version ever.

So, thank you. For the feedback, the beta testing, the webinar attendance, the Q&A, and most of all, for being passionate. Your commitment inspired us to create MindManager 14, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

You + MindManager = Results

We’ve written a lot about productivity here on Conspire. Partly because we know exactly how dependent productivity is on things like collaboration and communication, and partly because we know the cost of being unproductive.

Productivity is a major concern – execs are borderline obsessed with it, and we’re all locked in a constant battle between projects and the clock. For good reason, of course – productivity can be the difference between growing market share and failing to even get to market. Whether you’re after a better way to track and communicate business plans or simply want to loosen the vice-like grip that email has on your time, MindManager makes that happen without a steep learning curve, and MindManager 14 upholds that tradition.

We know our customers have always used our products to gather, organize, share, and present ideas and plans during their innovation and planning processes, and as a result, we were inspired to rethink MindManager’s potential. This version is packed with tons of new features, like HTTP/HTTPS proxy settings for large-scale deployments, and the ability to retain dependencies when exporting to SharePoint Tasks. Plus, your feedback led to some really exciting upgrades in a few key areas:

  • Formulas, Smart Fill and an enhanced AutoCalc allow you to incorporate calculations into strategic and financial plans.
  • New Map Index capabilities allow highly-detailed maps to be viewed in both map and list views simultaneously.
  • Drag and Drop simplicity allows you to organize and build out maps more quickly. Now you can deftly and easily drag and drop files from your desktop, Windows Explorer, or the Mindjet web app directly into your map. You can also drag and drop emails, contacts, tasks, and appointments from Microsoft Outlook.

Be Up-to-Date, All the Time

This new release of MindManager is available today to both existing and new customers. And for those of you who consider yourselves a little bit Mac and a little bit PC, we’ve recently added a new service called MindManager PLUS, which gives dual users a way to upgrade both versions with a single subscription.

Our customers are the reason we’re in business, and why we’re so excited to share this with you. Let us know what you think — we can’t wait to see where you help us take MindManager next.

Thank you!

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