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Mindjet User Spotlight: Mr. Dalton George


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Name: Mr. Dalton George
Title: Delivery Centre Manager at Capgemini
Started using Mindjet: 1999
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How did you hear about Mindjet?

I heard about Mindjet whilst studying to be an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). I was actively applying Speed Reading and Mind Mapping techniques that I had picked up from a set of books created by Tony Buzan. After finding that Mind Mapping was helping me to retain what I had studied, I wanted to accelerate the production of my maps and hence started to research potential electronic Mind Mapping tools. I found Mindjet after searching online for suitable products and have been using it ever since.

What do you primarily use it for? 

I generally use MindManager as my Swiss army knife tool to help keep my life in order by managing my GTD (Getting Things Done) dashboard and associated projects and tasks lists. It helps me work through project planning, plan meetings and facilitation and it acts as a repository for notes taken during meetings. My main GTD dashboard map is configured to launch each time MindManager is started and stays open during my working day. The dashboard has linked maps to every aspect of my role, for example, I have a single map that contains my notes from every significant recurring meeting that I attend. This allows me to visit a single map that I can use to cascade any pertinent information to my direct reports.

What is your favorite feature and why? 

I don’t think I could identify a single favourite feature in the product – although if flexibility is considered a feature, then I would identify that, as you are not constrained to using the product in any prescriptive way. I do however find the integration with Microsoft Office to be highly beneficial – sending and tracking tasks to others using MindManager integration with Outlook.

Is there anything the tool helps with that was unexpected?

When Power Markers was integrated into the Mindjet product, I found that the automatic marker definition and indexing features helped me to navigate complex task maps. These features help me visually identify next actions in my GTD implementation.

We’re always looking to further inform our community about how Mindjet helps with collaborative processes. If you’ve any examples, please provide!

I collaborate with others, mainly non-Mindjet users, via the product integration with Outlook and SharePoint. My tasks and maps stay up to date with any updates that my team may provide, and when you combine the tracked tasks with a GTD weekly review, you have a structured list of people to chase for anything nearing or past their due dates.

Tell us about your map.

This map is open and in use every working day. It gives me a visually pleasing home to gather my ‘stuff’ into a branch called ‘In’ before I have a chance to process it and decide what actions, if any, I have. The actions list branch of the map uses Outlook and SharePoint integration to synchronise and track the status of my open tasks and those that have been delegated. There are also three GTD templates that I use on a weekly basis to walk through the process of getting my head clear and reviewing my previous and forthcoming weeks, whilst keeping the big picture context in mind. The remainder of the map contains links to other detailed maps and resources that cover the various responsibilities that I deliver as part of my day to day role.


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Dalton George is a Delivery Centre Manager at Capgemini and has been with the company for approximately 15 years working in sectors such as retail and government. He has delivered work in various IT engineering disciplines over the years and has used Mindjet throughout his career to help maintain control and perspective.


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