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Ten (More) Mind Mapping Stories from Ten Mindjet Users [SLIDESHARE]

There’s something about using anecdotal stories to talk about what we do that adds more than just a real-life example or two of how our customers use Mindjet. It validates our belief that we’re helping our users do business better, and it showcases the value of listening up when the true experts (you) have something important to say.

Our User Spotlight series has given us incredible insight into Mindjet’s potential, helping us to identify with our customers’ needs, learn what makes our users tick, and figure out how we can continue to provide software solutions that work. We’re lucky to have so many diverse stories to share; as a matter of fact, this is our second Mindjet User Spotlight SlideShare of 2013 (take a look at the first one here).

As always, thanks to everyone who’s participated so far. If you’re interested in telling us your Mindjet story, send us a message.

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