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MindManager Showcase Week 2: Andy the Product Manager, Part 2

Welcome to our latest and greatest Conspire series, “MindManager Showcase,” featuring none other than — you guessed it — Mindjet MindManager. From working as traditional project managers in non-traditional organizations, to overseeing high-level international communications, we know our loyal users need tools that can capture head-to-toe information and keep them ahead of the productivity game. And so, to highlight some of our favorite MindManager features, we’ll take you through a variety of situations that many of our customers face in their daily work lives. Sit back and enjoy! 


Andy’s Role and Needs

Andy is the Senior Product Manager for a multi-national company that manufactures waterproof cables utilized by deep sea divers and submarine operators, including those in the military. He heads a team of 12 people and reports to 3 high-level executives. Two of those executives are based in Europe and one is based in Australia, but Andy lives in the United States. His job is to oversee manufacturing and delivery operations that begin in the EMEA and APAC regions, but that end in the Americas. He has to find ways to limit expenditures, adopt technologies or practices to improve delivery quantities and schedules, and maintain an appropriate communications hierarchy in his team. He needs a tool to help him manage these large-scale duties while still being able to accurately track data and create robust presentations.

His Major Pain Points

  • Difficulties conducting meetings with disparate teams
  • Team is so large and spread out that managing communications between team and executives is challenging
  • No singular way of tracking large amounts of data from the top down, which often leads to lost information

Today’s Problem

Yesterday, Andy was busy developing a competitor SWOT analysis to include in his Q2 roll-up report for management. Today, that information will inform how Andy develops a product launch plan for each product line he is responsible for. He needs to gather critical input from internal teams such as engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance, as well as key customers. He also needs to clearly communicate key information to his marketing team, so that they are able to successfully launch the new products into the marketplace in two months time.

How MindManager Can Help

Andy and his marketing team have created a map template that they use as part of the product launch process. This allows them to capture all of their important findings from launch to launch, so that they have a strong starting point for any new product introduction. Andy kicks off the launch process by entering all of his key information about product specifications, customer use cases and personas, as well as scheduled delivery dates, into the map. Andy shares the launch map with his marketing team and works with them to fill in remaining materials. This includes schedules, items they need to support PR, advertising and sales materials, and all of the other resources they need for a successful launch. Andy and his marketing counterpart will run weekly launch meetings to keep both internal and external stakeholders up-to-date on the latest product-related info. They’ll be able to refer to the map as their single source of all critical, launch-related material.

MM Showcase - Andy the PM Part 2_Product Launch Presentation

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