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5 Innovation Management Blogs You Should be Following

A few weeks back we talked about 5 time-management blogs that — besides us, of course — do an awesome job of diving in to the complexities of productivity, time-management tools, and advice for getting things done effectively.

In keeping with this month’s theme, we’d now like to bring your attention to these 5 innovation management blogs that inspire us to think differently about the process of ideation and repeatable innovation.

1. Innovation Management Online

The first line in this blog‘s “About” section says it all: “We are strong believers in treating innovation management as any other management discipline that can be learned and used as a sustainable strategy for creating long-term value.” Spot on, and they live up to the promise of bringing solid ways of doing so with diverse, well-written content that covers innovation from basically every angle it can be covered on. Plus, it’s not just a blog — it’s a community that helps individuals and companies do innovation better through tons of substantially-researched resources.

2. The Discipline of Innovation

Tim Kastelle’s already well-known blog isn’t exclusively about innovation management, but he touches on the subject often enough that it’s absolutely worth keeping up with. From tips for ‘hacking’ innovation to thought-provoking pieces that ask tough questions about where we’re headed as ideators, Kastelle-and-team’s blog is as well-rounded as it is intelligent, candid, and transparent. The #1 reason we should be reading his blog? “We need to make work better,” he says, and they can help us do it. Fair enough.

3. Imaginatik

The best part about this blog is how laser-focused they are on promoting a culture of change. Real-world examples and a straightforward voice make this blog easily-navigable if you’re looking for something specific, but offer great reads, too, for those of us with a little more time on our hands. Imaginatik asks questions that will make people really think about how they’re managing innovation practices, and that could easily spark important internal conversations.

4. Integrative Innovation

This blog gets a mention because, aside from being smartly written and filled with data, it does something that many other blogs fail to do: it provides actual, applicable frameworks and advice for innovation that could be followed to the letter or simply treated as food for thought. It’s like a handbook for identifying common business issues, coupled with how-to’s for meeting them head-on. Invaluable stuff.

5. The Strategic Innovation Blog

Most people love a good niche, but the Strategic Innovation Blog takes a different stand, and doesn’t splinter the topic of innovation into a thousand sub-genres. They attack the subject through two main filters — strategic innovation and innovation management — and they do so with plenty of thoughtful narrative, real-world examples, and out-of-the-box fodder for innovation discussions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have been active for awhile. But hey, let no good content go to waste, right?

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