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Ideas Are Currency: Dan Pink on Innovation Hub

“In some ways, when we weren’t looking, we all started selling ideas.”

In this podcast, author Dan Pink discusses the importance of perspectives, creativity, hiring the right people, and why the “idea economy” is revolutionizing business innovation. Pink makes the following important points:

  • If you prime people to feel powerful by noting their accomplishments, they become 3x as likely to support their own perspective over that of other people.
  • If you exercise control over your own feelings of power, you will be more capable of seeing other people’s perspectives and in turn, more persuasive.
  • There is a false notion that, if processes solidify, you can plug anyone into a role and be successful.
  • When pushing products and services, it’s not a matter of giving in or not giving in, but inviting collaboration to shape great ideas.

Listen to the full podcast, below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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