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The Many Faces of Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC]

When theorists contemplate time travel, there’s one rule of rummaging through the continuum that’s almost universally accepted: don’t change anything. Don’t touch anything, or talk to anyone, or even so much as step on a bug, because even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant alteration can drastically change everything.

Less dramatically, the same idea can apply to innovation. Not the notion of keeping your hands to yourself, of course, but that there are elements we don’t always consciously consider that can affect the success of innovation in a major way. One of those things is the diversity of the people we’re innovating with. Maybe that’s not a huge surprise — it’s only logical that a more inclusive variety of people equals a larger pool of unique perspectives, and in turn, expanded opportunities to innovate. But, it’s not something we tend to discuss, despite the fact that Forbes found 85% of surveyed executives recognize the impact diversity has on innovation.

Check out the below infographic for some more facts that can help you make sure your company is doing everything it can to stay innovative.


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