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Maps for That Roundup: Food & Drink

It’s (finally) Friday at Mindjet HQ, and I’m pretty hungry. Being that it’s the end of the week, I’m also getting pretty thirsty — good thing we have Maps for That, our fully user-generated Mindjet mind map library, showcasing how mind mapping can be used to organize even the most unexpected of topics. Here are 5 of my favorite food-and-booze-related maps that our users have generously shared.

So…is it 5 o’clock yet?

1. Wine Marketing

wine map

We all know how to drink wine, but what do you know about selling it? Check out this Mappies! award-winning map on the marketing steps of selling vino. 

2. Happy 4th

July 4 map

Summer is pretty much over in most places, but it’s still pretty warm in San Francisco — and personally, I would hold a BBQ party under 6 feet of snow. Check out this Mappies! winner on planning a 4th of July BBQ.

3. I <3 Watermelon

watermelon map

Do you love watermelon? This mapper sure does. Take a peek at this map for some surprising uses, facts, and information for watermelon, especially while fresh and local melons are still available (and yes, there are cocktail recipes).

4. Recipes, Recipes, Recipes

recipes map

Delicious. Nutritious. Fast. It’s what we all want in a meal, right? This map features an embedded RSS feed for daily recipe updates from, along with a map of fast and tasty meals organized by food type.

5. Food Pyra-map

food pyramid map

Did you forget your food groups? Are you eating enough veggies? Although you may already know there’s too much wine and double-cream brie in your diet, this map is a handy reference to balance things out.

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