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Maps for That Roundup: Social Media Marketing

We all know how to use social media for LOLing with cats and posting pictures of dinner. But hold on to your hats — you can use social media tools for work, too! And not just for wasting time at work.

Sarcasm aside for a moment, social media can be a truly valuable marketing tool. However, most of us are still trying to figure out how to get the most out of it. As it happens, Mindjet mind maps are a great way to hash(tag) out your social media strategy and track its success.

Here’s a handful of super-savvy social media marketing maps that our users have shared with us.

1. Build Your Brand

The “HEY, HEY LOOKIT ME!” approach usually isn’t enough. It takes a plan to establish a unique online presence and break through the noise. This map can help you establish a social media framework and build your personal brand.

MFTRU - SMM - Personal Branding

2. Get People Talking

Just like in real life, you can’t just yap at people online if you want to be liked and have friends. If you want people to listen, you have to get them involved in a conversation. Use this map of conversation starters to get people talking, and more importantly, listening.

MFTRU - SMM - Convo Starters

3. Find Your Following

Once you get your mom, your friends, and your friend’s dogs and babies to like your Facebook page, you’ll need a strategy to pull in the masses. Use this detailed map to break beyond family and friends and make Facebook work for you.

MFTRU - SMM - FB Marketing

4. #Whoistalkingaboutme?

#Hashtags can make it easier to track who #loves you and who #totallyhates everything you do. But do you know what tags work with your business or product? Do you get more exposure with #innovation or #cutedoggie? (Hint: it’s probably cute dogs.) Track what works for you with this cool hashtag tracker map.

MFTRU - SMM - Hashtag tracker

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