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Maps for That Roundup: Writing, Experts, and Colliding Ideas

Writer’s block can be, uh, hmm… Like, bad and stuff. Sometimes you just need something to guide you, or a way to organize your thoughts. When you can’t have a scotch and a cigar to help fill a blank page with brilliant prose, there’s a map for that.

Check out our compilation of maps for composition and get inspired to put pen to paper.

1. Publish a Novel

Many a writer decides at some point to take the plunge and write a novel. Those that get past the first page, lock themselves in a room for a year and actually write a book might want to get it published. This Mappies Award-winning map by Roger C. Parker provides a simple guide to avoiding the pitfalls of self-publishing. Now get typing!

rcp_self pub map

2. Get in the Mode

Do you really need to outline before you outline? Not really, but it can be helpful to know what mode of discourse you will be using before you get started. This Mappies winner by Miquiel Banks goes into great detail with the four modes of discourse—narration, exposition, description, and argumentation—organizing topic types by mode. It’s a great tool for budding writers to gain direction on any subject.

corkboard map

3. Writing an Essay…

…or, if you’re super lucky, a thesis — takes research, fastidious organization, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Once you’re stocked up on fresh grinds, it’s time to get to the grindstone and outline your project. This map runs you through 8 steps that’ll take you through topic development to writing the title. It’s a lot more flexible and less prone to cup rings than scribbling outlines on paper.

essay steps map

4. Get it Down to a Science

Whether you are a writer doing scientific research, or a scientist writing about your research, you’re going to need some help writing your reports. The process of writing a scientific paper is a lot more specific than, say, a blog post about mind maps. Do it wrong, and you don’t get published. This map provides a template for writing scientific papers. It’s the best method for presenting your results.

ms title map

5. Get Your Motor Running

Sometimes all of your ideas just crash together, creating big pile of incomprehensible junk. The first word to your first sentence is horrible, no matter what. Even the pros need to get back to basics sometimes to get inspired. This is another simple and logical map from master mapper Roger C. Parker that can help jumpstart your writing when it goes dead.

rcp jumpstart map

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