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Designing Success: Mindjet and BEVIN Design House

When Benjamin Bott founded BEVIN Design House, brainstorming and collaboration were both manual processes. Recording the flow of ideas on large sheets of paper, condensing them, prioritising and eventually publishing them in a digital document was the status quo, and even with great ideas ready to go, planning and tracking workflow across the team was difficult and time-consuming.

Clearly it was time for a change. Within the team, many employees were already managing their own workflow with Mindjet. Bott trialled the software himself and realised that BEVIN could seriously benefit from its project and task-management features.

Making the Transition

“Now that we use Mindjet for our internal and campaign planning, the roll of butcher’s paper we used to use for brainstorming sits in the corner of the office gathering dust,” said Bott. Mindjet helps streamline the creative agency’s process of ‘rapid prototyping’ — cycles of solitary brainstorming and team collaboration. Not only while brainstorming and shaping ideas, but also when presenting those ideas to the client. “We use Mindjet to storyboard our ideas in all phases of planning for client projects,” he says. “It helps us to quickly record initial ideas, review the progress of our concepts and present the final plan to clients in a format that’s easy to articulate.”

Bott’s team has also found Mindjet useful as a website mapping tool that allows them to create a visual representation of a client’s site map. BEVIN also uses Mindjet to manage works in progress, including information about a project’s scope, timelines, requirements and all the many steps involved.

“It’s imperative for us to be able to regularly communicate with members of our technical team and our clients about the progress of a project at any given time,” said Bott. “Mindjet has provided us with an intuitive tool that allows us to do this with ease.”

Going the Extra Mile

The benefits get even bigger when a company’s clients are also using Mindjet. Approvals and updates can be made seamlessly between BEVIN and their clients, with advice and feedback made quickly and easily sharable. According to Bott, that’s the best part and the reason adopting Mindjet has been such a success.

Since implementing Mindjet, Bott has seen a 35% increase in client satisfaction and a 17% increase in repeat business. This is on top of a 20% decrease in administration time. Bott isn’t going to stop there, either — he sees more opportunities for improvement across other departments and roles. How can we blame him? Thanks to Mindjet, BEVIN has increased its ability to deliver all elements of their projects, on time and on budget.

The opportunity to benefit from Mindjet is universal. From collaboration to task management and communication, Mindjet helps you Work Inspired. For a more detailed look into how BEVIN uses Mindjet to get things done, check out the full case study.

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