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MindManager 11 and 14 for Windows Adobe Flash Player Patch Now Available

Mindjet customers,

There is an Adobe Flash issue that occurs with both Mindjet for Windows Version 11 and MindManager 14 for Windows. The issue occurs if you’ve updated the Adobe Flash Player to the latest version, 11.8.800.174 which was released 9/13/2013. If you are using the latest Flash version, you’ll experience a script error if you have MindManager’s “Getting Started with Mindjet” pane open. The script error will not stop MindManager from running, or cause any problems with your MindManager files, and if you do not have the Getting Started pane enabled, you will not experience any problems at all.

To fix this issue we are releasing a patch that can be applied to your installed versions of MindManager V11 and MindManager 14. This patch is available for download through the Mindjet Knowledge Base article.

Please download and install this patch, you will not need to reboot your system after this has been done.


Mindjet Customer Support

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