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Introducing the ProjectDirector Bubbles View

Keeping track of all of your projects and priorities can feel like managing a three-ring circus. It’s hard to juggle all the task lists and easy to lose track over what’s important right now. ProjectDirector’s new Bubbles view helps you see who’s doing what — and what’s not getting done — at a glance.

Bubbles view shows each project as a large ring with several ‘bubbles’ inside of it — one for each active task. Hover over each ring to see the name of the project, hover over a task bubble to see the full task name, or click to view the details.


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You can change the size of each task bubble across several different axes:

  • All Equal. Each task bubble is the same size. This would show you how many tasks each project has open across the board.
  • Activities. The larger tasks have the most activity associated with them. Activities include: revisions in start or end date, updates to progress and completion, comments, or files attached to a task.
  • Priority. Larger tasks have higher priority based on when they are due, who is assigned to complete them, and other mechanics.
  • Age: Old to Young. Larger tasks are the oldest. This will show loud and clear if you’ve got tasks that are languishing with no progress.
  • Age: Young to Old. Larger tasks are the youngest. Shows recently added tasks that you might have missed.

The color of the task bubble tells you who is assigned to that particular task. Tasks that are light gray have no resource assigned. So, if you see lots of gray, you know you’ve got too many unassigned tasks. Too much of one color tells you a team member is probably overcommitted.

To see the Bubbles view, go to Tasks and click on BubblesSelect the task lists of the projects you want to show on the left.

Bubbles joins the default List view and our recently released Calendar and Health Summary views. Calendar view lets you see multiple projects laid out across a month-to-month view, and Health Summary gives you a daily snapshot of any of your project’s progress for the last 30 days.

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