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Embracing Open Innovation for Better Business

Open innovation is one of those business practices that makes certain leaders hesitate. There’s the usual barrage of questions — what does it mean? Who does it involve? What will we have to give up, and what’s the return? What makes open innovation different, doable, and valuable?

Smart business leaders should be naturally skeptical about disruption, since there’s not much that’s strategic about taking blind risks. But that’s not to excuse naysayers who are simply more comfortable playing everything close to the vest, and as a result miss out on the incredible opportunities that letting your guard down can often present. With open innovation, you do have to share resources, talent, data, research — you have to be okay with some transparency.

In our latest Mindjet Perspectives brief, we’ve pulled together some basic explanations, out-of-the-box theories, examples, and challenges that are useful for anyone planning to embrace open innovation. Check out the SlideShare below, or click here to download the eBook.

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