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Innovation Insights: Outperforming the Competition

Thanks to results from one of PwC’s latest innovation surveys — which sought out the musings of 1,757 executives — it’s all but scientifically verified: innovation today is a key driver of organic growth for all companies, no matter the industry or location. At the same time, leaders with a focus on innovation are anticipating revenue jumps of a quarter-trillion US dollars by 2018. From their report:

“Our research shows that, over the last 3 years, leading innovators have grown at a rate 16% higher than the least innovative. Moving forward, these same leading innovators forecast their rate of growth will increase to almost double the global average, and over three times higher than the least innovative companies. That translates into an average for all companies of $500 million in revenue over a 5 year timeframe.”

– Rob Shelton and David Percival, PricewaterhouseCoopers

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