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The 12 Days of Mind Mapping: 12 Unforgettable Posts

On the 12th (and final!) day of mind mapping, we’d like to share with you…12 unforgettable past mind mapping posts! Plus: 11 expert mappers10 maps for business9 reasons mind mapping might be the ideal path for your project, 8 MindManager Features7 terms to know6 awesome tips5 mappers’ stories4 Maps for That3 things to do2 favorite blogs, and a robust eCard resource for the holidays.

This selection of blog posts and articles-past are great examples of what can be done using mind mapping, and how it can change your productivity, organizational skills, comprehension, and overall effectiveness. Happy holidays!

1. 50 Problems in 50 Days: Mind Mapping for Innovation

What it’s about: For 50 days, Peter Smart traveled Europe on a shoestring budget. Each day he gave himself 24 hours to find, solve, and communicate solutions to problems he observed each day, all using the power of mind mapping. Read more.

2. Al Gore’s “Future” Mind Maps

What it’s about: The former Vice President demonstrates the power of mind mapping in his book, “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change,” which covers everything from dissecting the global mind to the reinvention of life and death. Read more.

3. Mind Mapping and Motivation

What it’s about: Business coach Arjen ter Hoeve explains how mind mapping can help you visualize what you want your life to look like, focus your personal and professional efforts, and motivate people to become their best selves. Read more.

4. Mind Mapping for Memory

What it’s about: One psychology student’s perspective on theories, approach, and how the connection between mind mapping and cognitive processes affect memory and success. Read more.

5. Productivity Prompts: Getting Things Done with Mind Maps

What it’s about: Boosting efficiency with mind mapping and David Allen’s GTD Connect Community. Read more.

6. Communicate with Greater Impact

What it’s about: Chuck Frey demonstrates how mind mapping can amplify connections between brands and people, and improve overall storytelling techniques. Read more.

7. A Brief History of Mind Mapping: The Walt Disney Connection

What it’s about: Who knew the godfather of commercial cartooning was also an avid mapper? Read more.

8. Off the Beaten Path: The Benefits of Mind Mapping Your Career

What it’s about: Using mind mapping to brainstorm ideas, realign choices, and see new connections is an awesome way to go from thinking about making things happen to actually getting them done. Read more.

9. Mapping for Change

What it’s about: Philippe Boukobza deftly connects business concepts, change initiatives, and innovation with mind mapping, demonstrating that he-or-she-who-maps is nearly always in a better position to succeed. Read more.

10. How to Create an Idea Dashboard to Track Your Favorite Content Ideas

What it’s about: Author and mind mapping expert Roger C. Parker shares his complex technique for using maps to develop and track content. Read more.

11. Why Mind Mapping Works

What it’s about: The inventor of mind mapping himself, Mr. Tony Buzan, provides insights and data into why the approach is so unequivocally effective. Read more.

12. Mindjet User Spotlight: Santa

What it’s about: Even ol’ Saint Nick uses mind maps to divide his Naughty and Nice lists, make sure he gets the right presents to the right people, and keep his elves in order. Read more.

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