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The 12 Days of Mind Mapping: Three Things to Do

On the third day of mind mapping, we’d like to share with you…three things to do (plus our two favorite blogs, and a great eCard resource for the holidays).

These map-related happenings are perfect for non-linear, visual thinkers who want to connect with like-minded mappers, get their voices heard in the space, and catch up with the latest and greatest in the industry.

Attend Biggerplate Unplugged

This March 2014 event, hosted by the UK’s Biggerplate, brings together all realms of the mind mapping industry for one central, themed conference. From the event page:

“As an overall focus for this event, we’ll be asking where mind mapping fits within wider contexts in business, education, and government, and whether it can truly be considered the missing link for modern information workers.

We’ll be exploring processes and situations where mind mapping might be the best tool for the job, and questioning whether a “mind mapping solves everything” message is healthy or helpful in spreading the adoption of the tools/process. We’ll be looking at a number of real-world use cases, and trying to understand the part mind mapping played in reaching the desired outcomes, and whether the mind map should be an end-product in itself, or simply part of a wider working process.”

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Take the 2013 Global Mind Map Survey

We know mappers have great perspectives and important input, not to mention creative and unique ways of approaching work and life tasks. Get your voice heard by participating in the 2013 Global Mind Mapping Survey, which gathers feedback, data, and results from all over the world to better inform the industry about practices, processes, and the overall effects that visual thinking can have on how business is done and issues are tackled.

Take the survey now.

Get the December Issue of Using Mind Maps Magazine

This gorgeously designed, intelligently assembled publication is an absolute must-have for mind mapping enthusiasts. The December issue features some of our top contributors, like Roger C. Parker, Jamie Nast, and Chuck Frey, as well as a vast array of resources, thought leadership pieces, perspectives, and more.

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