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Mindjet Dashboard Series: Keeping Track of Client Testimonials

Sometimes, the simplest additions to a Mindjet Content Dashboard can make a huge difference.

For example, consider my Testimonial Tracker. As a map, it’s relatively simple. Yet it makes it easy to instantly capture client testimonials before they’re lost in the universal tsunami of emails and conversations that fill our days.

Its simplicity and easy access through my Content Dashboard (below) encourages me to use on a consistent basis.

RCP MJ Dashboard Series_Client Testimonials header

Rejected Testimonial Tracker Solutions

For years, I’ve tried a variety of solutions to keep track of testimonials.

Initially, I saved testimonials as separate word-processed files in the folders I create for each of my clients. Problems with this approach included the fact that favorable comments are often included in longer emails that covered multiple topics with a single subject line. In addition, testimonials are often delivered during conversations, which makes them harder to save without interfering with the flow of the conversation.

Either way, the testimonials tended to get lost in the shuffle when I archived, and later accessed, the files associated with inactive clients.

Another approach was to create a separate Testimonial folder inside my Marketing folder, and save client testimonials as separate word-processed documents. This raised additional problems. I couldn’t quickly skim multiple testimonials to select appropriate choices for adding to a specific proposal or marketing project. In addition, I had to copy, paste, name, and save a file for each testimonial.

Working with the Testimonial Tracker

After a year of working with my Testimonial Tracker mind map linked to the Resources topic in my Content Dashboard, I can report total satisfaction.

– Easy access. Since my Content Dashboard is always in the background of my work, I can quickly access the Testimonial Tracker and easily add a comment from a new client, or add to their previous testimonials.
– Easy scanning. One of the biggest examples of my current system is the ability to quickly scan testimonials by simply passing the mouse pointer over the Notes icon, eliminating the need to expand and collapse topics.

Best of all, my Testimonial Tracker has been growing at an increasingly quick rate. I find it so useful that I have been going back to my previous client and email achieves to harvest overlooked testimonials.

7 Best Practices for Testimonial Trackers

Here are 7 tips based on my experiences.

1. Use Mindjet’s Notes feature. Avoid the temptation to add testimonials as subtopics. This makes it harder to export your testimonials and can cause problems copying and pasting long quotes. Instead, add testimonials as Notes, using the CTRL+T keyboard shortcut.
2. Always date your testimonials. This provides a reference point reminding you of the circumstances of the quote. It also adds a note of professionalism when you confirm the testimonial before use (see below).
3. Confirm comments and testimonials. Immediately re-contact clients and confirm their words and their permission to use them. This is not just a matter of etiquette; clients will often elaborate and strengthen their original comments when you ask to confirm their permission!
4. Add phone, email, and website links. When adding testimonials, take an extra moment to include the client’s phone number, email, and website addresses. This saves time later on.
5. Be consistent. Originally, I tried saving testimonials under the client’s business names. This lead to occasional problems and inconsistencies. I find it much easier to save testimonials under the client’s last name, followed by their first name. You can also include business names, positions, and notable achievements, i.e., book titles, in the Notes section.
6. Avoid editing. I’ve found that it’s best to avoid editing testimonials until you’ve copied and pasted the testimonials into your new business proposal or the testimonial page of your website. Otherwise, you may lose the flavor and tone of your client’s own words.
7. Backup your Testimonial Tracker. Because your Testimonial Tracker contains the text of your testimonials, instead of links to files, explore cloud-based services like Mindjet Connect to back-up your Testimonial Tracker.

Putting the Testimonial Tracker to Work

Feel free to download a copy of the Testimonial Tracker Mindjet map, as well as copies of the Content Dashboard, my Expert Tracker, and my Social Media #Hashtag Tracker.

There’s no one route to mind mapping success, of course. Feel free to adopt and modify the ideas to suit your specific requirements. As always, practice makes perfect, and success is primarily based how consistently you use your Testimonial Tracker. The more you use your Content Dashboard, the more uses you’ll discover for it. Please share your experiences, questions, and suggestions below, as comments!

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