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Bay Area InnovationHQ Meetup: Session #1 on January 30th

Here at Mindjet, we know that a topic as multifaceted as innovation requires investigation and perspectives from myriad industries, experts, experiences, and approaches. That’s why we started InnovationHQ, a Meetup group for innovation evangelists who want to learn from the pros and network with other enthusiasts.

It’s a San Francisco Thing (For Now)

As a global company, we’re well aware of the vast pool of intelligent, talented innovators that interact with us all over the world. But much like revving up an innovation management program in your organization, we’re taking a couple of baby steps with InnovationHQ and getting started in the Bay Area.

That doesn’t mean we’re stopping here, though — if you’re interested in starting an InnovationHQ Meetup in your region, let us know in the comments!

Launching This Thursday…

Our first Meetup takes place at Mindjet headquarters this Thursday, January 30th, in San Francisco. Guest speakers Milind Pansare and Paul Pluschkell will be presenting, we’ll provide refreshments, and you’ll even be given the opportunity to win a little schwag. RSVP today.

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