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The Power of the Collaborative Economy [VIDEO]

“A new peer-produced economy and culture is rapidly emerging where the more you share, the more respect you get from your peers.”

– Neal Gorenflo, Shareable

If social business has an as-yet unexplored territory to focus on, it’s the notion of a fully collaborative economy. As the nature of business reshapes itself alongside evolving possibilities in technology, collaborative consumerism and sharing services — as opposed to the usual dictatorial method of implementing hierarchal pipelines — are proving to be a highly beneficial alternative approach for organizations of every size and industry.

Sharing is Caring (and Agile, Too)

Altimeter analyst Jeremiah Owyang has called the collaborative economy β€œthe most important trend which will have the biggest effect — both short term and long term — for brands.” In the below video, a series of benefits and statistics are presented that support his claim. From cost-savings, to unearthing innovation opportunities, more flexible markets and better agile processes, the future is all about confluence.


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