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3/12 Innovation Café: Developing a Coherent Social Strategy for Enterprise Innovation

The traditional Suggestion Box is a tool that technology and innovation thought leaders have used to demonstrate that innovation simply doesn’t happen when employees submit ideas to be considered, without any process to back them up. More often than not, the suggestion box is little more than a black hole for great ideas, rather than the innovation engine that it’s intended to be.

But just as CEOs say they don’t have time to hold brainstorming sessions, or an effective way to hear what the employees are talking about in the break room, we’re seeing companies like Yelp, UnitedHealth Group, DPR Construction, GoPro, and Airbnb challenging the way business is done. From reinventing the way you pick a restaurant to check out, to changing the way medical providers approach the healthcare landscape, smart companies are pushing for a new standard of business innovation.

Next Level Competitors

The smartest and most adaptable organizations will survive to face the next level of market competition. These are the same companies that know how to harness the wisdom of the crowd, and understand that crowdsourcing doesn’t consist of simply casting your net into the social networking waters and waiting around to catch groundbreaking ideas.

Rather, these organizations seek to eclipse their competition by taking a strategic and systematic approach to fostering relationships, and creating processes that will result in meaningful business outcomes.

Our Next Innovation Café

Join us for Mindjet’s upcoming Innovation Café, “Developing a Coherent Social Strategy for Enterprise Innovation.” In this webinar, we’ll take a look at how organizations are using social technologies, innovation management platforms, and social mindsets to develop human, authentic, and transparent leadership practices. Furthermore, we’ll examine how they’re building company cultures that foster openness to experimentation, failure, and ultimately, success.

Register today for “Developing a Coherent Social Strategy for Enterprise Innovation” in the Innovation Café happening on Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

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