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MindManager AutoCalc: Creating Formulas

MindManager has several functionalities that can help users handle even the most complex projects, even if they involve tracking costs for different aspects, managing multiple resources and tasks, or making projections about budgets and schedules.

The AutoCalc feature, introduced in MindManager 11, allows users to add formulas to topics throughout maps, so they can instantly see the impact of changes in numerical data. Unlike conventional spreadsheets, dragging and dropping content, applying filters, and visualizing data is simple — and, the mind map layout lets users see the big picture and dive deep into details when necessary.

Creating Formulas with MindManager 14

The new formulas feature in MindManager 14 takes calculated topic properties to the next level, with support for complex formulas using multiple functions and operators. Data is easy to edit and present, and you can define multiple calculated topic properties on any map topic. In the below video, you’ll learn how to use the Formulas feature in MindManager to develop formulas and customize formula editing capabilities.

How will you use formulas in your maps? What questions do you still have about formulas? Tell us in the comments!

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