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JUNE 25th Innovation Cafe: Deconstructing Employee Engagement

Accelerated revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and lower employee turnover all have one thing in common: they happen at companies with exceptional levels of employee engagement. Yet, according to recent research, over 75% of employees are actively disengaged or under-engaged at work, and more than 65% don’t even bother using their company’s enterprise social network. What’s a business leader to do?

Our June 25th Innovation Cafe Webinar

This June 25th, you’re invited to join our Deconstructing Employee Engagement Innovation Cafe led by Global Business Development + Alliances Consultant Kenneth Maier. This webinar is specifically geared towards Human Resources and Organizational Development Professionals, and will focus on the many challenges and benefits of increasing employee engagement. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Defining employee engagement and the myths associated with making it happen
  • Overcoming the barriers to effective employee engagement
  • Tapping into the collective intelligence of your company
  • Making the most out of enterprise social technologies

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