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Enterprise Innovation Platforms: The Buyer’s Guide

As business and technology have rocketed forward at an astonishing pace, the concept of enterprise innovation has evolved far beyond simple idea management. Great ideas are still the foundation of a successful innovation platform, but are only a piece of a much larger process that should always result in measurable, repeatable business outcomes for your organization.

Introducing the Mindjet Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Innovation Management

From the Guide:

“Staying ahead of your competition requires a steady pipeline of innovation. These innovations may result in new products or services, process improvements and cost efficiencies, increased employee engagement, cultural transformation, or a range of other desired outcomes. The goals themselves are often driven by a stakeholder within the organization or, on a macro level, by the marketplace and competitive pressures. Regardless of where or why the need originated, a consistent and well-managed innovation process can be the single, most critical differentiator for your organization’s long- term success.

A well-architected innovation management platform that supports crowd innovation with deep crowd science algorithms and configurable program governance can become the backbone of a sustained innovation program that gives your organization the competitive edge it needs. When selecting an Enterprise Innovation Management Platform for your organization, there are several key requirements to have on your shopping list. A platform’s inability to fulfill just one of them could negatively impact that overall goal of actionable innovations.”

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