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Using Mind Mapping to Streamline Your Marketing Program

Although it sometimes appears that the marketing team has the most glamorous job in the business,the finer details can be pretty tedious. Marketing teams have to develop ideas, execute and fine-tune campaigns, and then evaluate the performance of the campaign at its various stages. There’s a ton of information that needs to be generated, captured, and put to use.

This is where mind maps can help.

Thinking Creatively + Analytically

Mind maps are especially great for marketers, because they allow them to think creatively and analytically at the same time. With a more common analytical framework, mind mappers can organize project materials around a central idea, and move lower priority items into sub-topics. By organizing information and data around one idea and adding branches of related ideas, you can input more data without losing your train of thought; yet everything remains cohesively connected. Although ideas and links may not follow a logical, linear order, this type of visualization allows you to connect them into an effective strategy or campaign. Plus, thinking visually instead of in a linear format has proven to be highly beneficial for info retention and productivity.

Better Execution

Mind maps are also great for supporting marketing campaigns and bringing them to life. Because info in the map is both visualized and interconnected, users can explore all of the project or campaign options, potential challenges and various outcomes, and use that to formulate a solid, results-driven plan. Drawing a map of everything that needs to be done or analyzed, and marking relationships between tasks, minimizes the risk of glossing over something important. You can measure the effectiveness of each aspect of the campaign as it rolls out, as well as identify patterns to see what works and what doesn’t. This also makes it easy to focus on the big picture while still seeing the smaller details.

More Effective Decision Making

A lot of the time, important decisions are made in a matter of minutes. It can happen so fast that we’re not even aware of the potential consequences, because there wasn’t enough time to sit down and measure the factors and the outcomes surrounding the choice. Putting the decision you need to make into a mind map can help you and your team work through risk-analysis more effectively, and make better decisions overall. By placing the issue in the center and surrounding it with the factors that will affect your decision, you can see what’s holding you back. You can — quite literally — look at the problem from a different angle (lateral vs. linear), and you may even uncover how some problems and issues are related to each other. This exercise can also help you spot loopholes, possible problems ahead, or even new business opportunities.

Mindjet MindManager is a great tool that can help marketing professionals effectively plan and execute projects and campaigns. Drag and drop ideas to create your visual framework or to organize and prioritize tasks, organize attachments, notes, hyperlinks and markers, and display information in a single, sorted view. With the project planning tool, you can lay out schedules and review them, and even refine timelines.

To learn more about how MindManager’s mind mapping and project management features can help you streamline your marketing program, try it out for free today.

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