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Better Meeting Facilitation with MindManager: Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

Last month, I met with one of our passionate MindManager users and evangelists, Ruven Gotz. When Ruven isn’t serving his clients as a SharePoint consultant, he’s usually touring the country speaking at SharePoint events — and demonstrating how he uses MindManager.

Making Meetings Better

MD JP blog image 2During his visit, Ruven showed off how he customized keyboard shortcuts to apply marker icons to topics while facilitating meetings.

How do you do this?

Open MindManager for Windows, and in the Insert Tab, select the Icons pull down list and choose the option “More Icons.” The Library should open to the Icons tab.

To create a shortcut key for an icon, right-click on the icon. Select the Shortcut Key option in the context menu and then select one of the 9 available shortcut keys.

MD JP blog image 1

I’ve set the question, idea, thumbs up & down, decision, information, warning, and green & red flags as my shortcuts.

MindManager for Windows has many, many, many keyboard shortcuts. They aren’t all customizable though.

Give these a shot, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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