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Mindjet MindManager and Project4Maps

Our MindManager product has a vast array of capabilities and features that give users an unmatched suite of tools for boosting productivity, organizing information and ideas, seeing new connections, and ensuring project success.

The project management capabilities that MindManager has to offer are particularly valuable — Gantt Charts, meeting templates, and tons of ways to map out priorities, resources, schedules, and dependencies to appraise plans and validate requirements. This is in addition to streamlined integration capabilities for other tools and operating systems, guided brainstorming, advanced calculations and formulas, and much, much more.


Our partners over at Mindlogik have recently developed Project4Maps, a great template pack for MindManager users that was created based on careful research, and one that’s designed to work for any project at any stage. It includes:

  • 71 maps and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets specifically developed for project management
  • A project management icon set
  • A predefined Project Index Marker set
  • A detailed “How To” EBook that gives users a framework for project operations

The Project4Maps is an excellent add-on that we believe all MindManager users will find extremely valuable for project management initiatives.

To learn more about P4M, check out the quick-guide video. Or, try MindManager for free today.

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